Maintenance Wash- From £10

Multi Stage Maintenance wash utilising safe wash techniques, products and the 2 bucket method.


Decontamination Wash- From £15

Multi stage decontamination wash including tar & glue remover, Fallout Remover and Clay Bar (as required) for bodywork, glass and wheels.


Mini Valet- From £35

Interior Vacuum, clean and dress interior plastics, Clean Glass.


Machine Glaze- From £120

Following the bodywork preparation we use a filler heavy glaze by machine to fill in minor scratches and swirls to give an almost flawless finish, ready for your choice of sealant or wax (if chosen).


Machine Polishing- From £150 


Exterior Glass Sealant- From £15


Hand Applied Paste/ Hard Wax- From £10


Polymer Sealant- From £15


Ceramic based Sealant- From £20


Ceramic Coating- From £150


Prices above are "from" and indicative only, we usually tailor our services to achieve the results you want or to the budget you have in mind, eg: a filler glaze service is far cheaper than a machine polish and hides the fine scratches and swirls that are typically removed with a single stage machine polish.

Where possible we prefer to come and inspect your vehicle first hand, this way we have the opportunity to see the condition on the vehicle and any defects that are present, many of which you have not have realised yourself. This way we can talk through what the problem areas area, how they are treated, the products and techniques used and give you a far better indication on price. This is carried out free of charge at a time and location to suit you.

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